We Know You’ve Worked Hard to Build Your Business

We’ve Built Ours Helping Entrepreneurs Realize Their Companies’ Full Potential

From bolstering management teams, to investing in product development, to formalizing sales and marketing efforts, our team has helped dozens of businesses like yours grow significantly while staying true to the discipline and culture that make each one profitable and unique.

“The team consistently provides the voice of reason and pragmatism in business.  Whether in the board room or in working with management, they have been an exceptional business partner.  Their sound counsel on M&A, financing, recruiting, strategy and general business development has routinely added value.”

Todd Tappin, Former CFO of Overture Services, Inc. (fka GoTo.com)

A Focus On Long-Term Growth

We specialize in supporting companies that have demonstrated market acceptance of their product or service, are on a robust growth trajectory, and will continue to grow into solid middle market businesses with a little help. 
Unlike other firms, our team works exclusively with growth-stage businesses, not start-ups or turn-around situations, meaning we’re focused on what you’re focused on.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and that every situation is unique. We are selective about each investment we make and ensure we fully understand the needs of our partners so we can provide the kind of support and senior-level attention that maximize results for business owners.
With that in mind, we can structure our growth investments according to your needs, including:
  • Non-Control Expansion Capital for Founder-Led Businesses
  • Buyouts of Corporate Subsidiaries
  • Majority Recapitalizations
  • Management Buyouts

Flexible & Agile Capital

Expert Support for Value Creation

We pride ourselves on our proven ability to work with existing management teams to strengthen operations, accelerate growth (both organic and through add-on acquisitions), enhance profitability, and position companies to become market leaders.
Some Examples of Our Contribution Include:
  • Making C-Level Introductions to Prospective Customers
  • Helping Recruit and Fill Key Executive Positions
  • Advising on Key Strategic Decisions Like Completing Add-On Acquisitions, Developing Sales Teams, and Investing in New Locations
  • Developing Key Operating Metrics and Dashboards
  • Help Analyzing Product Line Profitability and Customer Acquisition Costs

Our Typical Investment Parameters

Investment Size
$10 Million – $30 Million Per Investment

Industry Focus
Business-to-Business Software and Professional Services

Preferred Stock or Structured Equity

Company Size
$10 Million – $50 Million Annual Recurring Revenue

Majority or Minority

Company Growth Rate
15% or Greater Annual Revenue Growth

Regional Focus
United States or Canada

Software: Profitable Within 12 Months of Investment
Services: $3 Million – $15 Million EBITDA