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Market Outreach

Here is what some of the executives that we have worked with over the years have to say about Vicente Capital’s principals. 

Vermont Pat Wheeler, President & CEO, Vermont Composites, Inc.
“I have found this team to be exceptional in their ability to provide real value-added guidance and assistance, while providing management with the authority and flexibility to operate effectively.  Since their prior fund’s investment in Vermont Composites in late 2004, sales have more than doubled and profits are up five fold.  Their assistance with business strategy and board support, including board members they’ve brought to the company, has been the critical factor in our ability to increase Vermont Composites’ shareholder value.”
Overture Todd Tappin, Former CFO of Overture Services, Inc. (fka GoTo.com)
“The team consistently provides the voice of reason and pragmatism in business.  Whether in the board room or in working with management, they have been an exceptional business partner.  Their sound counsel on M&A, financing, recruiting, strategy and general business development has routinely added value.”
LivHome Mike Nicholson, CEO, LivHOME
"All capital is not equal.  If you're looking for a team that truly understands your business and is willing to roll up their sleeves with you to find all the resources necessary to reach your goals, my recommendation is you talk to Klaus Koch, Jay Ferguson, Nick Memmo and Alain Rothstein." 
O2 Science Mark Hanley, Former CEO of O2 Science, Inc.
“I have been fortunate to work together with this group for the past four years.  During this time we structured and completed a highly complex management buyout transaction.  The process was truly a seamless one, due to their unparalleled expertise in completing these types of transactions.  I believe I could not have achieved the successful sale of my company without them behind me and my senior management team.  I look forward to the next opportunity to work with the Vicente principals.”
 Allan Hunter, Jr., Co-Founder and Former President & Director of Rent.com
“I can say, without equivocation, that the principals rank at the very top amongst their peers, and their prowess goes far beyond simply the dollars they invest.  They are, to the most intricate detail, all about assisting entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams - monetary, non-monetary, and otherwise.  Rent.com was started by my partner and me in 1999, raising total capital of less than $35 million.  It was sold to eBay for $433 million, all cash, as a fast-growing, high-margin, very profitable business.”
Rayne Water Conditioning Marty Jessen, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Rayne Corporation
“These guys understand what it takes to run a successful growing business, and how to get the most out of ideas, people and capital.  The guidance given to management is practical, disciplined and sound.  They continue to be a real pleasure to work with.”
Case Stack Dan Sanker, CEO, CaseStack, Inc.
“Their contribution to CaseStack started from day one of their investment.  They facilitated customer introductions, helped recruit key members of management and provided guidance on financing and acquisitions.  Perhaps most importantly, as we grew our revenue from $10 million to over $60 million, they provided sound strategic advice on not only how to grow, but how to do so responsibly.”


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