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Target Sectors

Our investments are designed to support a company's long-term growth strategy and to build shareholder value.  

We target companies that have generated sufficient revenue to demonstrate market acceptance of their product or service, are on a robust growth trajectory at the time of investment, and will continue to grow into solid middle market businesses.  We do not invest in start-ups or turn-around situations.

A core element of our investment philosophy is to limit the risk associated with a prospective portfolio company to one which is execution related, not conceptual or technological.  We focus on companies that have an established management team in place with meaningful capital at risk, thereby aligning our interests with those of management. 

The Vicente Capital team has successfully invested in a variety of growth transactions including:

non-control expansion capital financings of founder-led businesses
buyouts of orphan subsidiaries of large companies
management buyouts

Our goal is to work with management to strengthen operations, accelerate growth (both organic and through add-on acquisitions), enhance profitability and position the company to become a market leader.  Our contributions include:

recruiting key executives
enhancing the boards of directors
making C-level introductions to prospective customers
advising on key strategic decisions such as completing add-on acquisitions, developing sales teams and investing in new locations
developing key operating metrics and dashboards
performing detailed analyses in such areas as product line profitability and cost of customer acquisition
optimizing capitalization and exit options


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